Where is the party area in Prague?

Where is the nightlife in Prague? Many people wonder where there is nightlife in Prague or where the locals drink.

The majority of pubs and clubs to go out to dance or drink beer are in the city center, but there are also other interesting areas to go out in Prague such as the Zizkov neighborhood or other places. There are all kinds of clubs and bars for drinking beer or listening to live music.

Where can I go at night in Prague?

In this article we explain in detail the areas for partying in Prague and you can also look at our party map and the events calendar.

Nightlife at Prague old town and new town.

In the old town, most clubs are located on Dlouha Street, for example Harley’s or James Dean, but there are also many pubs and nightclubs in the surrounding streets, very close to the old town square, behind from the big Tyn´s church are others clubs like the Chapeau Rouge or Dejavu and in the small streets that leave the square in front of the astronomical clock we can find several places like Popo Café Petl or Zazemi.

In the new town we have some nightclubs or nightclubs in Wenceslas Square, such as Duplex or Nebe and Narodni Street where the famous dog bar or Vagon rock club is located. Beyond there are also several places approaching Karlovo Namesti such as the U Sudu pub to drink good beers in its large basement.

Zizkov bars

The Zizkov district is well known among people who live in Prague to go out to party or drink in the different bars of this more alternative area. But for that reason during the week there is not a very lively nightlife since those who live in Prague are working.
Most places here are bars and are located on Boribojova Street, as is the case with the Bukowsky bar or the Boulder bar, although you don’t have to limit yourself to that, it is always good to get lost in the streets of Zizkov to find bars in some of the streets around. If you go down to Husitska Street you will find a place called Zizkovsiska that is increasingly known for its good atmosphere and live music, although it is not always open.

There are also some nightclubs in Zizkov where there is usually electronic music such as Akropolis or Storm Club.

Other party areas in Prague.

There are also other places to go out in the city of Prague for example there are quite a few bars in the Holesovice area to drink and there is also the famous Cross Club disco with Steam punk decoration. Then in the neighborhood of Smichov there are some bars to drink where you will usually find only dente local like the alternative punk rock pub and ska Ujezd Klub and small pubs to dance near Andel.

Going out in Prague is a unique and essential experience when you visit the city. Czechs are very lively and fun people. Do not drink if you drive. Public transport works throughout the night.

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