What time do people go to clubs in Prague?

At what time are closing clubs in Prague?

In Prague you can party until very late at night or even continue in the morning at an after party. The time when most people is partying crazy its at 02:00 am. You can also start a softer party and end earlier in a pub drinking beer and listening to good music. The time to party in Prague is different depending on the type of club you want to go to.

At what time party starts in Prague?

20:00 You know that in Prague they have one of the best beer in the world so you can start the night by going to dinner at a beer restaurant. The kitchen usually closes at 22:00 so you must order dinner before 21:30.

22:00 Afterwards you can continue having some beers, shots or whatever you want in a quiet bar or pub with tables to warm up until 11:00 pm or 01:00 am.

01:00 Later you can continue going to a club to dance and continue having a good time at a party depending on the type you like the most. Live music, electronic, drum and bass, regge, Ska, Rock and roll, commercial music clubs or Reggaeton Latino party. That depends on you. The clubs usually close between 03:00 am or 05:00 am.

06:00 If you do not get tired of partying there are some options to go out to an after party club, these are usually always places with electronic music.

You can search on this page party map or events calendar depending on what your type of party is to choose the best club to go out tonight or the weekend.

After you can go to sleep, come on dont be such a crazy party motherf****r, hehehe, its a joke. butremember to don´t drive if you drink, that´s not a joke, public transport its working all the night. And be carefull with drugs and alcohol. Have a great party.

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