Transport from the Airport to Prague

► Bus and subway from the airport
The bus stop is at terminal 2, at the door on the ground floor. First of all you must take a bus journey that takes you to the subway line that interests you, green, yellow or red.

Ticket types: serve for bus and subway and go by time. The 30-minute ticket does not work because the journey will be at least 40 minutes. We will need a 90 minute ticket.

It is bought in yellow machines or in the red kiosk inside the airport. If you plan to use public transport in Prague you can directly buy a 24-hour or 3-day ticket.

Ticket prices 90 minutes.

  • Adult: 32 crowns (1.30 euros)
  • Children: 16 crowns (0.60 cents)
  • Large suitcase: 16 crowns (0.60 cents)

Validate the ticket when entering the bus, if the reviewer cannot fine you. In this blog we also explain how transport works in Prague.
■ To get to the green metro line you must take bus 119 that takes you in about 40 minutes to the Nadrazi Veleslavin stop (the last stop). There you must go down to the subway, where you will find the green line that takes you to the city center stops

■ To get to the yellow metro line you must take bus 191 that takes you in about 50 minutes to the Andel stop.

■ To get to the red metro line you must take Bus 510 which takes you in 45 minutes to the IP pavlova stop.

► Special Airport Express bus
It takes you directly to Prague Central Train Station in 35 minutes for 60 crowns (2.50 euros). You buy the tiket directly from the driver.

► Taxi from the airport
Taxi stops are on the top floor of terminal 2. If you want to ensure a good price you must use the taxify application or negotiate the fare before getting into the taxi.

Normally they should charge about 20 euros (500 crowns) for the journey from the airport to Prague in a taxi with capacity for 4 people. If you don’t go downtown it may be a little more. You can also use the following taxi company.

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