Public ransport in Prague is economic and works very well. Here we describe how and when you can use it.

Hours: during the daytime, from 5:00 am to 12 pm, the subway, buses and tanvías work. In the night hours, from 00:00 until 5:00 am there are trams and night buses.

You can check the tram schedule at the same stops or on the next page by clicking here or on the following link.

Tickets and prices: The tickets used are for any public transport within the city of Prague and work by time.

  • 30 minutes: 24 ck (1 euro)
  • 90 minutes: 32 ck (1.30 euros)
  • 24 hours: 110 ck (4.40 euros)
  • 3 days: 310 ck (12.40 euros)
  • 1 month: 670 ck (27 euros)

Where to buy them: You can buy tickets at many beverage stores or kiosks, at the yellow machines you’ll find in the subway or at some tram stops. Some trams have the option of buying it with a card inside, but it is better not to risk.

Validate the ticket: When you buy the ticket it is not yet valid for use so time does not start counting until you start using the transport (you can buy the ticket today to start using it tomorrow).

When you enter the mouth of the subway or a tram or bus there are some small yellow boxes in which you have to put the ticket (with the arrow facing up).

The ticket is validated only once to start counting the time. From there the ticket will be valid during its period of duration. For example, if you have the 3-day ticket you only have to validate it once and have it on hand in case some reviewer asks for it during the next 72 hours, but you must not validate it again.

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