Where to eat typical food in Prague is the question that all travelers who come to visit the city ask themselves. You can find very good food and good prices, however you have to be careful not to fall into the typical expensive restaurant for tourists.

First of all you have to avoid some of the street stalls that offer you Ham from Prague. In the price put for 100ck (in small print every 100 grams) in the end they try to charge you between 20 and 30 euros for a plate.

Another way to tour different traditional venues in Prague is to take a beer tour. Apart from learning interesting facts about liquid gold, it includes a liter and a half of beer and visits several breweries.

Then we recommend the best traditional places to eat in Prague, places with the best opinions. Some even with a letter in Spanish.

U Rudolfina
If you want to enjoy a professional beer in a pleasant atmosphere, you know where to go with friends in Prague. Pilsner beer is a favorite for Czechs. This restaurant offers very good traditional food accompanied by an unpasteurized Pilsener Urquel beer fresh from the factory in a tank truck. It is difficult to find a cooler pilsener in Prague. Until opco the letter was only in Czech, this is a sign that it is a restaurant valued by the Praguens.

U Paneneho Pava
Our homemade restaurant «U Cerveneho pava», is characterized by having the best service in the city. One of the best places to eat in Prague with a rich and interesting history, strives to meet all your demands. In the hall environment, they organize any event according to their requirements, be it birthday parties, weddings, graduations, but also business and other social gatherings. During these events, they offer the possibility of creating individual menus at reduced prices.

U dvou Kocek
A restaurant that has been cooking Czech food since 1678 and also brews its own beer. Located in the city center, near Wenceslas Square. Every night you can find accordionists. The quality of food and beer has already been tested by thousands of customers who come regularly. It is said that Mozart himself once came to taste his delicious liquid gold.

U pinkasu
Just a few steps from Wenceslas Square you will find a typical U Pinkasů Czech restaurant, where Plzeňský Prazdroj began serving Pisner Urquel for the first time in Prague, already in 1843. They offer high quality beer and traditionally extracted from three-story stainless steel tanks, each of which will attract guests with a unique and specific environment. It is next to the oldest church in the new city and its terrace is surrounded by 14th century Gothic walls.

Enjoy carefully treated beer and freshly prepared homemade food. Directly from the tanks through the shortest route to your glass of beer, where it remains fresh until the last sip. They make real homemade meals, all day long. Classic Czech dishes, using only fresh ingredients and spices from renowned regional suppliers.

If you have already tried Czech food and want a place with all kinds of food and a good atmosphere you can go to the Atmposphere. You will find a varied menu that offers pasta, hamburgers, meat, etc … Try a pleasant homely atmosphere, tank beer, Italian and Czech wines, good food, BARBOX music and friendly service.

Cafe Louvre
The doors of Café Louvre opened for the first time in 1902. Over the years, friendships, associations and novels were created at the coffee tables. In this place you not only drink coffee but also have a very good and extensive menu, many people go to this place to eat or drink beer. They also have a fairly cheap menu of the day.
Even today you can enjoy the unique atmosphere of a great historical café, as Franz Kafka, Albert Einstein or T. G. Masaryk knew it.

Strahov Monastery. Kasterni Pivovar Strahov
Many people ask us where to eat near Prague Castle. Normally in this area it is all more touristy but you will find a place for gourmet beer. In addition to the beer specials, they serve first class dishes and you can enjoy the unique atmosphere of the Strahov Monastery, founded in 1143.

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