In Prague you can find many restaurants where to eat and enjoy food and a good Czech beer.

Czech food is based on pork, chicken, veal or duck, usually accompanied by the famous Knedliky, or potatoes or rice.

Not much fish is consumed. Sometimes there is trout, salmon or carp in a restaurant menu.

Czech typical dishes

Beef stew with onion spices and paprika accompanied by knedilky.

The Knedlíky are slices of a kind of flour or potato bread. Sometimes they are served as main course stuffed with meat or other ingredients.

Koleno – Pork knuckle
Accompanied with mustard, horseradish and pickles.

Zebra – Pork Ribs
Accompanied with honey and mustard sauce.

Kachna – Roasted Duck
They usually serve half a duck accompanied by sauerkraut and knedliky.

Beef tenderloin in sweet vegetable sauce with cream.

Breaded chicken fillet (Kureci rizek) or pork (Veprove rizek)

Pstruch – Trout
Normally battered in flour.

Smazeny syr – Fried cheese
Breaded cheese accompanied with potatoes and tartare sauce

Desserts – Dezerty
In the restaurant or pastry shop (cukrárna) you can try the Czech pastry:

Palačinky (Crep) is a pancake with different fillings very similar to the French crêpe

Kolače, contains different types of stuffed fruit compotes in addition to salty ingredients such as cheeses with presentation very similar to a kind of muffin.

Trdleník, flour dough rolled on a wooden skewer (trdlo) and roasted in the fire while turning on itself. “Hyperturistic” product, frequently sold in street stalls.

Laskonka, two cookies together with cream.

Větrník is a sweet stuffed with coffee cream and whipped cream.

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