Czech beer is one of the best beers in the world: Pilsener Urquel, Kozel, Budweiser or Staropramen are their best known brands internationally.

But in Prague, in addition to these famous brands, craft beer from small factories is very frequent, or even what they are directly are microbreweries and make their own beer.

Beers in Prague

Pilsen style beer It is the most consumed style in the world and was born in the Czech city of Plzen (Pilsen in German). Pilsen-style beer is Lager, blonde and light. Czechs are the undisputed master brewers in this style of beer.

Pilsen is actually the type of beer he is used to, but the ones you will taste in Prague are of much better quality

How to serve a beer
To serve a Czech is as important as making it. It must have enough foam. The temperature should be adequate, something cold to cool you down, but not too much because the cold kills the beer’s taste.

That is why in Prague it is most appropriate to drink the beer served in the jug from the barrel or tank. In Prague there are even contests to throw beer.

The graduation of beer in Prague

You may see a graduation between 10 and 12 degrees, but those grades are considered the percentage of sugar before fermentation. To pass an alcohol graduation you must divide by 2.5.

So here the beer has between 4 and 5 degrees, a little less graduation than the skirts of Spain or Latin America, so it really doesn’t get very drunk.

Where to drink beer in Prague

It is rare to find a place with low quality beer. Of course always make sure that the beer they serve in the place you go to is Czech, nothing to go for a Heineken or a Guines in the paradise of the pilsen.

It is best to look for what is known as a tankovna where beer arrives unpasteurized directly from the factory to the warehouse of the premises in a tank truck. Examples of Pilsener Urquel tankovnas would be places like Lokal, U rudolfina or The pub. We could also try some craft beer.

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