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Do you want to go out in Prague city tonight?

Everyone knows that Prague party scene its awesome. Going out in Prague is mandatory when you visit the city. You will find a lot of party life around any area. The best night clubs to dance, listen to music, have a drink or taste the best beers in diferent bars or pubs….

Most party places are located in the city center or in districts 2 and 3 but you can also find party and fun in other parts of the city from Monday to Sunday, not only  weekend.

This website will be your party guide in Prague. Choose the filter with your type of place to go out and after find on our map or events calendar the perfect party for you.

You have many options… reggaeton, salsa, electronic, hip hop, dnb (drum and bass) dubstep, house, djs, comercial music, boat party, after party, five store clubs, erasmus parties, pub crawl, international, etc… choose here your favourite one.

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Castillo y Puente de Carlos


Prague best beer pubs. The city where more beer is consumed per person in the world has to offer you the best bars to enjoy the best Pilsen  or craft beer. Good quality and very cheap prices.

In Prague beer pubs you can find craft beer and a lot of different styles. Light beer, dark beer, pasteurized, unpasteurized, filtered, unfiltered or of different alcohol graduations. There are also interesting bars where beer comes on a train to your table, places where you can serve the beer  yourself, live music pubs or beer museums.

That is why tourists are looking to find everything that is related to beer such as doing a tour or a beer tasting, riding the beer bike, the beer boat or even a beer bath.

Search our map for the place you like best to enjoy the best Czech beers.

You can also look for another kind of place in our general map ir directly go to the events calendar to choose your party for tonight.


Best  night clubs in Prague

Find here the best  night clubs in Prague. This city is so popular for the people who travel around Europe looking for party.

You´ll find different kind dancing clubs with commercial music, techno, electronic, house, hip hop, rock and roll, latin salsa, regeton or even live musicwith jazz clubs or something more alternative like the famous dog bar.

There is all kind of clubs and different prices but generally you will find cheap beer and cocktails everywhere. Cool parties for singles or couples, for tourists and locals.

Go out in Prague´s nightlife is one of the best experiences in Europe.  You will find nice events everydays during the weekdays or weekend, from monday to sunday. The famous 5 stories club Karlovy lazne or small cocktail clubs on dlouha street, in this section we focus on dance clubs and drinks.

Find on our map the best disco or music club for you.

You can also look for another kind of place in our general map ir directly go to the events calendar to choose your party for tonight.


Prague cocktail bars are another option if you don’t just want to drink beer. You can find good prices or even places with happy hour that will be even cheaper. There are quite a few classy places to enjoy a good drink. Here you will find the best cocktail bars and you can see their menu to enjoy tonight. Or to drink something before to go to a music club.

You can also look for another kind of place in our general map ir directly go to the events calendar to choose your party for tonight.


Live music pubs are all over the city of Prague. You can find Jazz clubs, jam sessions, alternative venues, blues concerts, or rock and roll. On Prague nights live music flows everywhere, music clubs, beer bars, discos, concert halls or alternative pubs. Look at our map and calendar to find the best bars with live music tonight.